The Roots of

A poignant coming of age story

Some secrets are hidden and some are in plain sight...

Beautiful, smart, successful, and affluent, Gia Bennett has a life most people dream of—the ideal family, a lucrative career, respect in the community, and access to anything she wants. Growing up black and privileged in the small southern town of Roswell, Georgia, in the 70s and 80s, she enjoys springtime in Paris, vacations at her family's summer cottage on Martha's Vineyard, and spur-of-the-moment weekend shopping trips to New York City. A life most people never get to experience, especially people like her. But none is a guarantee her life is unshakeable.

Gia's life is intertwined with some of the most interesting characters in this down-home southern city. Some are as sweet as a slice of pecan praline pie and some are as mean as an eastern diamondback rattlesnake... and the others fall somewhere between the two. They all impact her life—for better or worse. From the father-like figure who looks out for her throughout her adult life. to her mother, who has a way of making Gia feel as if no matter what she accomplishes, it's never enough. Then there's one of her contemporaries... who's had it in for her ever since they were little girls; and the creepy stalker who's had his eye on her from the very beginning.


Almost everyone in town has a secret they're trying to keep hidden, and even Gia isn't as innocent as she seems. When her life is upended by a tragic event, only then does she realize that not even her privileged life can shelter her from heartache. In the aftermath, does she fold? Or will she use the devastating turn of events to finally come to terms with the jaw-dropping secret she's kept hidden all these years? 

A gripping story that takes the reader on a journey of nostalgia, sorrow, elation, suspense, and more. A tale of jealousy, pride, entitlement, privilege, prejudice, betrayal, indoctrination, love, and forgiveness. Charming, intriguing, and suspenseful... the perfect recipe for a satiating southern fiction read.


Find out how the lively residents of this down-home suburban town bring it to life, mixed with some surprising small-town and family secrets, and a violent life-altering experience that upends Gia's life.

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"Page turner! Read half the book as soon as I purchased it..."

"Excellent read!!! I loved this story... and the end, oh my goodness!!"

"Awesome book! ... keeps you wanting to see what's in the next chapter."

"Great story... I thoroughly enjoyed this book."